Q. Are the rents high?

A. As a Registered Provider the Association must ensure that its rents are affordable and these will always be in line with similar housing association properties in the area and less than the private sector.

Q. What is included in the service / supplement charge?

A. The cost of:-

  • providing staff at the scheme including the Scheme Manager
  • cleaning and maintaining the building, grounds and equipment
  • heating and lighting the communal areas
  • security – including the Warden Call alarm system communal water rates
  • heating of your flat (when provided through a central boiler)
Tenants arrange their own telephone and electricity accounts and in some cases water rates are individually billed.

Q. Do I have to pay council tax?

A. Yes unless you are in receipt of some benefits which mean you are exempt from Council Tax. Tenants are entitled to the discount for single occupancy.

Q. Can I bring my own furniture?

A. Yes tenants furnish their own flats.

Q. Can I claim Housing Benefit?

A. Yes if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit now it is likely that you will still be entitled to this.

Q. Can I go out when I like?

A. Yes – tenants have a key to their own front door plus the main building door and can come and go as they like.

Q. Can I have visitors?

A. Yes – our tenant’s flats are their homes and visitors are welcome and family and friends are often invited to scheme events.

Q. Do the flats have showers or baths?

A. The majority of our flats have showers.

Q. What type of heating do the flats have?

A. Gas central heating with radiators in all rooms which is either provided from a central boiler with the heating costs included within the service charges or from a combination boiler in the flat for which our tenants have their own gas account.

Q. Is there a guest room?

A. Yes each of our schemes has a guest room – these are available to all tenants at very reasonable rates

Q. Are pets permitted?

A. No unfortunately pets are not permitted with the exception of fish or small caged birds