Masonic Housing Association specialises in the provision of sheltered housing for older people. We have 5 purpose built housing schemes located in Essex (Hamilton Court), Northamptonshire (Palmer Court), Buckinghamshire (Prebendal Close), Warwickshire (Reading Court) and Staffordshire (Wilson Keys Court).

The day-to-day management of our sheltered housing schemes rests with voluntary House Committees. These Committees provide support to the Scheme Managers, maintain a waiting list for accommodation and are responsible for operational budgets. They also keep in contact with our tenants through regular meetings and social events.

All of our sheltered housing schemes provide purpose built self contained flats for older people who are able to care for themselves. Single people and couples aged 60yrs and over can apply and in some cases applicants over 55yrs will be considered.

Our housing is not restricted to applicants with Freemasonry connections. We accept applicants from local communities and overseas and the 5 Local Authorities where our developments are located.

We have Scheme Managers on site at all of schemes working Monday – Fridays who will assist our tenants with reading and understanding mail including forms, making and responding to telephone calls and providing emotional support, as well as assisting with the organisation of social events. The Scheme Manager can assist with signposting tenants to Social Services, medical personnel and carers to enable tenants to live independently at our schemes.

The Scheme Manager can provide assistance in an emergency but only on a temporary basis until support is in place.They cannot provide personal care or administer medication – these services must be provided by outside organisations. Should a tenant be taken ill our Scheme Manager can contact a GP, relatives and, if necessary, call an ambulance.

Activities are organised by the Scheme Manager, the House Committee and Tenant groups. Our tenants can be involved as little or a much as they wish and their privacy is always respected.

Please click on the scheme name to obtain further information.

Details of how to apply for housing can be found within each scheme’s information and on the CONTACT US page.

Our aim is to ensure that our tenants both now and in the future live in safe, affordable, fit for purpose accommodation.