Wilson Keys COUrt

Deanery Close
WS15 3JX

During the last twelve months we have had one resident pass away and the flat was quickly re-let, and we have a full house of 42 residents.

One bed flats
Wilson Keys Court is 30 years old this year and I am hoping that we can have a short talk on its history so far and a buffet lunch for the residents.

We currently have 12 kitchens completed and everyone who has had the refit is happy with the result. We have replaced the lighting bollards outside the house too, ensuring the safe passage of residents in and out of the house during darkness hours.

For those residents wishing to take part, we have various activities most afternoons where residents can take part. Monday is Knit and Natter, Tuesday, Indoor Bowls, which we now have a cup for the winning team to hold for the week. Wednesday is Bingo and there is currently a visitation from the residents from a care home in the town, our residents do attend their bingo session too. We regard this as building relationships locally. Thursday is a Quiz afternoon and Friday morning we generally have a coffee morning. In the late afternoon and evening there is a thriving dominoes session.

A coffee morning event in May was dedicated to Dementia UK and raised £175. A raffle in November raised the sum of £133.50p which was donated to Cancer Research. A Christmas Fair was well supported and made £140 for the House Social Fund.

The garden at the House, although small, continues to be a great pride and several residents have shown great interest and now have a small plot to tend.

Residents did go on a day trip to Trentham Gardens which they enjoyed. Other events at the House include a Pancake Day celebration. The Annual Carol Service which is always a joyful night to be able to invite people to us.
This year we had a small visit from the Lady Freemasons, and they really enjoyed being with us and promised to keep in touch.

The evening was sponsored by North Staffordshire Round Table Lodge No. 8355. I am personally grateful to the team who attended Led by W. Bro. Paul Molley who certainly entered into the spirit of the evening.

If any Lodge wishes to sponsor the event later this year please let me know as soon as possible. I start the planning for the event normally early September. In the meantime, the Rev. Eddie Haycock and the Provincial Choir are all booked for Tuesday 10th December 2024.

The House does have a thriving Social Committee which the House Committee are grateful to for their skill and ingenuity in entertaining the residents. The House continues to be grateful to the House Committee for their help and guidance. If anyone is interested in joining the Committee please let me know.

Most importantly everyone, Committee and Residents, are grateful to the Staff, led by Tracy, for their help and dedication to the House.

From my point of view I am very grateful to the whole team for the dedication and love of the residents and House. My thanks also goes to those who support me both within Staffordshire and beyond. Special thanks to the Chairman of MHA, Oliver Lodge. I would also like to thank Knox Cropper particularly James and Heather for their continued support and guidance. The transition from Eldon Housing wasn’t the easiest but we managed to get there with the help of James and Heather.
Tracy Slater our Scheme Manager works Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm and is responsible for the day to day running of the scheme ensuring that it is clean, well maintained and safe for our tenants.

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